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Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward at the Guggenheim


On view through August 23, 2009, the exhibition culls from 64 projects designed by Wright including unrealized structures. Simply by virtue of being displayed on the spiral ramps of the Wright designed museum should make a visit worthwhile for the meta-experience alone.

I can only hope it stands up to the incredible Zaha Hadid exhibit from a few years back.


Foreclosure to Rental


Interesting tact on profiting from the foreclosure waves. 

“Every weekday morning, Lou Jarvis drives the sun-baked suburban streets looking for investment gold: a family that will lose its house in a foreclosure auction within a few hours. When he wins, he offers to let the family stay in the house and rent for much less than their mortgage payment.”

Pupusas at The Red Hook Ball Fields


Every time I go to the Red Hook Ball Fields with the intention of getting something different, I always go back to the standard. The pupusas come fresh off the grill in a dozen varieties, but I am partial to the classic frijoles con queso with some pickled cabbage and hot sauce.



I am half way through Roberto Bolaño’s magnum opus 2666 and I am thoroughly impressed. He weaves a sprawling tapestry that is both subtle in emotion and epic in scope.

Anatomical Chromolithographs


Ethereal, delicate and highly technical. The top Chromolithograph is by William Fairland from 1869 and the below is by J. Bisbee from 1837. Check out the online Dream Anatomy exhibit.

Vendy Awards 2009


The Vendys are back and underneath the Unisphere. The Vendy Awards will take place on Saturday, September 26th, 2009 from 2pm to 7pm at the Queens Museum of Art. 

Enjoy the best of NYC street food and support a worthy cause. Note that the price of admission is tax deductible and includes an open wine and beer bar.

Inspector Jacques Clouseau


The genius of Inspector Jacques Clouseau is unquestioned. The elegance of his suits is also something to behold. The images are from his opus A Shot in the Dark.




Look out for the J Dilla tribute album Jay Stay Paid featuring Black Thought, DOOM, Raekwon, Blu and Havoc. Peace to Dr. Spanogle for reminding me about the maestro.

Download Black Thought + J Dilla = Reality Check and DOOM + J Dilla = Lightworks with DOOM gratis.

Ice Cubes from Nippon


Nothing makes a nice cocktail like a spherical ice cube. Just in time for Mint Julep season.




I empathize with nostalgia for vinyl records, print photography and projection film, each invented in the late nineteenth century, but it is important to note that books date back to the dawn of civilization. From the aesthetic of a well crafted novel to the arrangement of a fine library, humanity has revered books and their predecessors since the manufacture of papyrus.


I am neither a purist nor a Luddite. I am an advocate for the digitization of all media. DVDs, CDs, digital film, MP3s and any device that does away with tangible media is a step closer toward progress and efficiency. However, a book is sacrosanct. The takeover by Kindle and other electronic readers is inevitable. I have never used a Kindle, but I am sure it has a number of deficiencies. My point is that any technical problems will be resolved over time and the demise of the paperback is all but certain.


Jonathan Franzen has a strong opinion on the subject: “People who care about literature care about substance and permanence… The essence of electronics is mutability and transience. I can see travel guides and Michael Crichton novels translating into pixels easily enough. But the person who cares about Kafka wants Kafka unerasable… Am I fetishizing ink and paper? Sure, and I’m fetishizing truth and integrity too.”