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The National Parks: America’s Best Idea


Ken Burns, a master documentary film maker of American history, has directed a 6 episode arch on our country’s greatest asset, the National Parks. It premieres on PBS on September 27, 2009.


Atmosphere and Pac Div Mixtapes


New mixtapes from Atmosphere and Pac Div. Download gratis. I hear that Atmosphere’s Rhymsayers just signed Evidence to a multi-album deal. Together with their signing of Ab Rude and MF Doom, Rhymsayers has put together a serious roster.

B-Boys – Hot Sauce Committee Pt.1


The Hot Sauce Committee Part 1 was supposed to drop on September 15. Due to the sad news of Adam Yauch’s illness, the album and corresponding tour has been postponed. All the best to Adam Yauch and his family. The video of the announcement speaks to the kind of people the Beasties are… straight up class.

The live video for Too Many Rappers featuring Nasir is from this year’s Bonnaroo Festival.

Mad Men


Fix a drink, light a smoke and sharpen your wit. Season 3 premieres on August 16th at 10 on AMC.

Hair Bender


I am generally a strong proponent of single original beans for the sake of purity of flavor and clarity. That being said, I really like Stumptown’s Hair Bender, which I tried for the first time only recently. Details from Stumptown below:

Our Hair Bender is a complex espresso blend featuring coffee components from the three major growing regions of Latin America, East Africa and the Pacific Rim. We devote constant attention to the Hair Bender and are proud of its status as our most popular coffee. The aroma demonstrates floral notes of jasmine while the flavor is a combination of sweet citrus, milk chocolate and caramel.

Paul’s Boutique and Ill Communication


In addition to re-issuing their classic albums, the Beastie Boys have blessed us with an audio commentary for both Paul’s Boutique and Ill Communication. They are straight up fun.

Burger Heaven


doubleburgerslideshow090330_560I think the burger phenomenon is beginning to be bad for me. So many burgers, not enough arteries.

Old Map iPhone App


The world has so many little gifts.

Ruins from the Foreclosure Era


The Times has a somber photo essay entitled Ruins of the Second Gilded Age chronicling the fallout from the foreclosure wave.

Dessert Truck & Treats Truck


It’s a bit like comparing Goodburger to Peter Lugers, but I am sold on the Dessert Truck. I was a loyal follower of the Treats Truck, primarily due to proximity to my office and the nice lady who dispenses cookies and brownies in a bandanna and a smile. After trying a few desserts at the Dessert Truck, which includes, a warm brownie with ice cream, salted caramel and pretzel; fresh strawberry shortcake; and warm chocolate bread pudding with bacon custard sauce, I will walk the extra blocks for the experience. Check the links for the varying locations.