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City Hall Station


Checked out the abandoned City Hall subway station as part of a New York City Transit Museum  tour. Since closing on New Years Eve 1945, the station has remained basically untouched. You can also check it out by staying on the downtown 6 train after the last stop at Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall. Before heading back uptown, the 6 gives a glimpse of the station. More info here.


José Saramago 1922-2010


Saramago’s work is elegant and smooth with seamless movement from fantasy to historical realism. “The Elephant’s Journey” is to be published posthumously on Sept. 8. Full obituary at the Times.



New Yorker’s 20 under 40


The making of the New Yorker’s 20 under 40.

New Subway Map


The upgraded NYC Subway Map is not the Vignelli classic, but it offers cleaner lines, greater contrast, bolder shades and less noise. The Times has a nice interactive feature on the upgrades.

Richard Meier’s Model Museum


The Richard Meier Model Museum is open to the public on Fridays by appointment only. To book, phone the museum (212 967 6060).