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Mexicue and QBA (Cuba) Kitchen


Hit up these 2gems recently. Both are from the new breed of hipster trucks and are eager to please. Mexicue blends Mexican cuisine with old school American BBQ. Hence the little dopeness that is pulled pork sliders with avocado, pickled onions and a Mexican rub,  brisket sliders with the same rub, avocado and a spicy slaw, and smoked chicken sliders with poblanos and a salsa verde. All accouterments and rubs are house made. Limeade with fresh mint is always appreciated. You need all 3 sliders to make a meal. Each has distinctive flavors and a nice BBQ smoky/spicy finish. They do tacos tambien. The long lines are tough in the heat, but El Jefe was confident they would work out the kinks. Check the full menu.

The QBA (Cuba) Kitchen truck seems like something that’s been around awhile. They keep their menu limited with a few daily specials like pulled pork, ropa vieja, and mojito chicken. Each comes with the standard arroz y frijoles. I was once told that the barometer of any taco shop is the al pastor. Accordingly, the parallel for Cuban spots is the Cubano sandwich. I went for the grilled staple and found it good, but not great. The pork products did not taste particularly seasoned – like you would score at Margons on 46th. The garlic sauce was nice and tangy, really bringing the sandwich home. Their limeade was perfecto on a hot summer day. That being said, I would definitely hit this truck up again to try the platters. Check the full menu.


Beyond: Visions of Our Solar System


“Beyond: Visions of Our Solar System” is on view at the National Air and Space Museum.

Columbo’s Raincoat


Here is a plethora of information on this fine garment.