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Urban Treks


I think we have to place this NYC urban expedition on the list of great treks up there with the Routebourn Track, Annapurna Circuit and the W Trail.


Paris Catacombs


Fresh piece on the Paris underground in National Geographic. There is also a layman’s guide to exploring the catacombs in a legit fashion.

Paro Taktsang: Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan


It is a small monastery hung far up on a cliff overlooking a spectacular valley. It is also one of thirteen small monasteries or “tiger’s lairs” where the Guru Rinpoche or “Precious Master” also known as the “second Buddha” of Bhutan is said to have meditated. It is also the same temple where the Wu-Tang clan learned to rhyme and swing swords.

Kaaterskill Falls


Hiking Info

36 Hours in Beirut


The NY Times gives Beirut the 36 Hours treatment. I need to be headed here.

Beirut’s Mezze & Byblos


I have been waiting on a piece on Beirut’s food scene for a while. This piece is fun, but I would prefer a greater focus on the street food. Additionally, the Times ran a nice layout on Byblos and its renaissance. Byblos lays claim to being one of the oldest continuously inhabited towns in the world, dating its origins to 5000 B.C., as well as the birthplace of the modern alphabet.

Also, the best shawarma in the world is located in Amman? But alas, the chef studied in Lebanon.

Minature Moscow


I am really upset I missed this miniaturization of Moscow located in the city’s municipal building, but then again I was bit occupied getting shaken down by the cops. Regardless, the model is on sale for $3 Million rubles.