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Da Vinci Skills


Only a true renaissance man can invent the iPhone and the helicopter. 

Salinger Sues Again


There is something incredibly base and unrefined about Salinger’s litigiousness. I hope it does not tarnish his or the Glass Family legacy.

Chromolithographs – Entomology & Anatomy


Scored these on eBay.

Greenficiation of Manhattan


First they reclaimed Broadway and forty-doo-wop and now the Highline. It’s starting to feeling like we’re giving the city back to the people.

Janette Sadik-Khan, NYC’s Transportation Commissioner, is not a joke.

Noguchi Museum ReINstalled


To formally commemorate the reopening of The Noguchi Museum in its completely renovated state, the Museum’s new exhibition Noguchi ReINstalled displays the entire permanent collection.

Bridging the Black Canyon


Frank Gehry Kicked out of Brooklyn


Frank Gehry will not be over-seeing the construction any of the 17 buildings he designed for the much maligned Ratner development in downtown Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Nets stadium has gone from genius (see above) to gymnasium (see below).



I learned the difference between smoking and grilling first hand this weekend via some serious ribs by an aficionado. The Times has a cool piece on a South Carolina smoking institution.

Special Ed & Chi Ali


I stumbled onto an amazing hip hop blog called t.r.o.y. Interesting posts on the underrated Special Ed and the prodigy gone astray Chi Ali.



The crown jewel of brew coffee makers. Elegant, scientific and simple. Offers the greatest clarity in your coffee, which means fresh, high quality coffee tastes wonderful and vice-versa.