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Subway Map Cover 2010



Columbo’s Raincoat


Here is a plethora of information on this fine garment.

New Subway Map


The upgraded NYC Subway Map is not the Vignelli classic, but it offers cleaner lines, greater contrast, bolder shades and less noise. The Times has a nice interactive feature on the upgrades.

Seltzer Home School


Thinking about this DIY Seltzer kit  or the old school version for the summertime….



After stumbling into an exhibit in the university district in Seattle, Archigram cultivated a real interest in the possibilities of design and architecture. Somewhere at the confluence of architecture, philosophy, design and psychedelia, Archigram makes me re-evaluate my disdain of all things British. The Archigram Archival Project attempts to catalog this group’s seminal works. Tip of the hat to Horses Think for the heads up.

Caterpillar Doing Reasearch – Lisa Wood



Just picked this beauty up.

George Nelson Flip Clock


Some background on this gem.

Modern Ruins, Urban Archaeology, and the Post-Industrial Sublime

Photo: "Still from 'Stages of Decay' by Julia Solis 
Date: March 25th, 2010
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: Observatory – 543 Union Street (at Nevins), Brooklyn, NY 11215
Admission: $5
On March 25th, join a panel of photographers and aficionados of the post-industrial sublime for a discussion that will explore the allure and fascination of visiting, photographing, and viewing these mysterious spaces. The evening will begin with a series of short presentations about the history and photography of The Modern Ruin. Following these presentations, moderator Alan Rapp will lead a discussion that will seek to explore the art, history, and culture of The Ruin and its depiction, from ancient examples to these modern ruins that span the abandoned lunatic’s asylum and tuberculosis wards, decrepit factory complexes and dead shopping malls. We will also probe the question of “why now,” with a special eye towards the acceleration of history which can make a ruin of sites as recent as a shopping mall, and ask if this contemporary fascination might speak to us of the twilight of our own empire.

Entomologia: Insect Art


ENTOMOLOGIA – A Group Show of Insect Art
February 26th – April 4th, 2010

Opening: Friday, February 26; 7:00 – 10:00
Thursdays and Fridays 3-6; Saturdays and Sundays 12-6

Visual Thesaurus


Between Bing, the iPad and Google’s Visual Search, there has been a push for a more tactile and visual interface for computers. When can we toss the keyboard and mouse? The Visual Thesaurus, another step forward, intersects at the crossroads between design and function.