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Japense Coffee Pouring


I studied coffee pouring in Japan for 7 years and was not permitted to touch a coffee bean until year 3. Times article.

Clive Coffee has a complete set of everything you need to start your own home-brew laboratory. 




I’ve tried the clover, single pot Melitas and fresh brewed cups, but this disposable French press cup with a plunger lid is the most fun. BKoffie freshly grinds an array of high-grade African single-origin coffees to order and serves up a tasty coffee to go in Midtown. Not cheap, but you get 16oz.

BKoffie, 370 West 51st Street @ 9th Avenue.

New York’s Best Coffee


Oliver Strand, The Times’ coffee and street cart maestro,  put together a map of his favorite coffee spots in the city. Looking to get involved with the Bluebird.

Counter Culture’s Kuta


Counter Culture’s Kuta is a particularly refined bean from Papua New Guinea. Similar to a fine Sumatra, the Kuta has a deep body, gentle chocolaty richness with a long and clean finish.

Hair Bender


I am generally a strong proponent of single original beans for the sake of purity of flavor and clarity. That being said, I really like Stumptown’s Hair Bender, which I tried for the first time only recently. Details from Stumptown below:

Our Hair Bender is a complex espresso blend featuring coffee components from the three major growing regions of Latin America, East Africa and the Pacific Rim. We devote constant attention to the Hair Bender and are proud of its status as our most popular coffee. The aroma demonstrates floral notes of jasmine while the flavor is a combination of sweet citrus, milk chocolate and caramel.



The crown jewel of brew coffee makers. Elegant, scientific and simple. Offers the greatest clarity in your coffee, which means fresh, high quality coffee tastes wonderful and vice-versa.